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This 2013 Audi ad is one that shows the insecurities involved around formal dances for some. Especially the underdog that is waiting on the sidelines to be noticed. It would appeal to those who need a little help to get in to the social scene and lacking in some areas. Very funny ending.


I think this is a great ad that many can relate to. Those who have had animals or just fell out of contact with friends. It seems to bring the child out in adults. The end is a little corny and may have gone too far buy a good commercial still.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Stretches”.

Dove uses an FBI expert that interviews witnesses at crime scenes and draws sketches of possible defendents to draw sketches of women and show them that they look different to others than they think they appear. They are in fact more beautiful than they appear. This is a different direction than some companies have gone in the past where they have actually made women feel overweight or unattractive